Our Service

Our WebVoyage platform gives your customers a uniquely engaging user experience allowing them to search and book their holidays with ease.

Innovative Web Design – Our expert designers are continually creating engaging and dynamic travel website themes to improve your customers experience.

Multi Platform Website – Improving customer experience on a range of platforms and devices for your customers to book with convenience, confidence and ease.

Flexible Website Growth – WebVoyage is a fully customisable web site solution, allowing the site to expand and evolve as your business grows.

Expert, Advanced & Bespoke Technology – Providing all the best web travel technology solutions for your business to succeed.

Accessible & Flexible CMS – WebVoyage has a powerful and user friendly CMS system to allow you to manage your website yourselves or alternatively we can manage your content updates and feature updates for you.

Helpful Support & Training – Email and Telephone Support available 24/7 and bespoke software training for your staff.

FindandBook Integration – WebVoyage is directly integrated into our leading travel content and dynamic packaging solution FindandBook providing a wide range of travel products from the biggest brands in the industry.

What is WebVoyage?

WebVoyage is our website solution for travel agents, tour operators and other businesses in the travel industry. Tailored to the needs of modern OTAs, WebVoyage supports the creation of high quality, feature-rich websites that empower your users to search and book their perfect holiday or itinerary.

WebVoyage is directly integrated into our leading travel content and dynamic packaging solution FindandBook which provides a wide range of fully bookable travel products from many of the biggest brands in the industry.

Retail travel website and agent desktop solution combined

Call centre and shop-based agents aren’t forgotten as WebVoyage can be configured as a retail website, agent desktop solution or both if required. We’ve included tools that allow your agents to access dedicated supplier and pricing configurations as well as the ability to manage margin and commission rates.

Content Managed Websites & Agent Desktops

Every website created with WebVoyage is powered by a Content Management System (CMS) which helps you to build an engaging user experience and gives you control over every aspect of your website or agent desktop. Below are just some of the things you can do with the CMS;

  • Adjust website design, branding and structure
  • Update page content including text, imagery and video
  • Enable new features and customise the way they work
  • Create custom designs for itinerary and booking emails
  • Manage the display of deals and promotions
  • Create new user journeys targeting specific product types

A focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimise your site for search engine performance using WebVoyage’s CMS. You’ll be able to write enticing web copy, manage links and site structure and ensure that page components like titles, keywords and descriptions are present and targeted to your audience.

Additional tools available through FindandBook help you customise accommodation and resort information for the best possible result.

Social Media ready

A wide variety of social media plugins are supported by WebVoyage which allow your customers to share their website experience with friends and family.

An evolving solution

Every month new features and improvements are added to WebVoyage, ensuring it is always able to offer the features that you and your customers need. Our development roadmap includes the best ideas based on our extensive knowledge of the travel industry, the creativity of our development team and suggestions from our clients.