UK holidaymakers are hoarding Greek Drachma Multicom survey reveals

British tourists could be better prepared for a return of the drachma should Greece be forced to ditch the Euro than many would have thought report travel software solutions specialist Multicom.


A survey of UK holidaymakers carried out by the online travel software company revealed over 65% of British tourists have a secret stash of drachma in a draw or cupboard at home.


Many of them reported they had simply forgotten they had them while others said they kept them for purely sentimental reasons believing they would never need them again or they were worthless.


But many Brits heading to Greece this summer admitted rummaging around to see what they had tucked away following fears that Greece would be forced to leave the Euro as a result of the economic crisis in Athens.


Multicom Chief Executive John Howell said: “Our survey revealed many more of us than we thought keep loose change and small coins after a foreign holiday, either thinking they may come in handy one day in the future or simply they couldn’t be bothered changing such small amounts back to sterling.


“Following the introduction of the Euro many said they simply forgot about the coins they had tucked away or decided to hold on to them for posterity.


“Now though it seems some people have been clearing out those draws and cupboards just in case the drachma comes back, although we suspect for the vast majority their secret savings may not be worth more than a few bob!”

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